That’s part of the fun of it, isn't it? You've taken the plunge, booked your first trip to the Caribbean, you’re dead excited…but it also feels a little scary especially when having kids with you.

That’s only natural of course. It’s the fear of the unknown mixed with the knowledge that things can go wrong even though you have the reassurance that you have booked your holiday with the help of a reputable travel agent.

It’s all about being prepared for potential hiccups, so if you are setting off soon on a Cuba holidays package then here are a few things you may want to bear in mind before you go to take the edge off:

ID – this can be important if for some reason something occurs and you happen to be in a “wrong time, wrong place” situation so it is always best to have at least two photocopies each of your passport, travel documents, airline tickets, driving license, and anything else that might prove useful if you have to produce your ID at a moment’s notice. The reason to have photocopies is simply that they are easier to keep on your person than the originals, and you don’t really want to be carrying the originals of documents with you anyway in case they get lost or mislaid or stolen.

Cash Alternatives – it is always best to have a mix of both cash and credit cards when you are abroad as you don’t want to rely on just one or the other. It’s also a good idea to keep a bit of cash stashed somewhere as back-up in case you run out suddenly. The same goes for debit or credit cards – have at least two of these handy and place the spare in a safe place should one go missing. It’s never a good idea to carry too much around with you, and certainly not everything you have.

Personal Comfort – this is important if you are going to enjoy your Cuba holiday to the maximum so ensure you take items such as mosquito spray (you may need it as soon as you land!), a few long-sleeved tops (as it can get chilly at night), appropriate head wear (to fend off dangerous and unwanted sunstroke), and a good supply of your favorite medicines (paracetamol, plasters, insect replant etc. as these may be hard to get hold of once you’re there). 

Travelling afar for the first time, especially with a young family, is always going to be exciting, but it can also be disappointing if you are not just a little bit prepared. Taking note of the above can help you enjoy your holiday all the more.  

By Mitch Wicking

A journalist and reporter for many years Mitch enjoys investigating Life's little wonders for consumercheckpoint.co.uk, The Holiday Place and many other domains and topics. Born and bred in London, father-of-three Mitch now lives and works aboard a beautiful narrow boat on a peaceful marina in the heart of England which he shares with his Leicester “duck”/muse.

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